We offer you the possibility to know Catalunya and also Spain in a different way. Doing what you want, when you want, where you want at all times. We give you a little beat of freedom.


Rent a Camper? 4 Important decisions you have to make before

Do you want to rent a Camper?



The holidays come, and you are tired of everything being booked wherever you go. Every summer you have to stay in places you’d rather leave even though you’ve just arrived. And leave this village where you’d stay more days.

But this year this is over.

You decide to rent a Camper Van.

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Take a family trip with a Camper. Dexter or Family Van?

Camper and family?


Today we’re going to compare two Camper models built thinking of you.

  • You’ve always had a Camper, but now the family has grown.
  • You are going on vacation with the kids.
  • You like to invite friends to the van.
  • You want to park anywhere
  • You like to sleep where you go
  • Now you want a bathroom and kitchenYou need space for everybody and everything

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A small place where to climb on winter time, with the sun heating our back. Climbing at l’Alt Bergueda, such a pleasure! 

Today we have wake up in Vic, we can see that is going to be a sunny day, although now there is a intense fog. Yesterday we went to the Torello Mountain Film Festival that finished at 1:00 am. We want to go climbing but it has to be a place near from here and a quick climb, it’s winter time and the days are short.

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From the first time to a VANLIFE with Catvango.


There has been 9 years since I came in a Camper Van for the first time. 

It was during a friend’s meeting. When we all finished lunch together: friends, husbands, wives, kids, we went to a park and some people who didn’t come for lunch time just enjoyed us at this park. Sergi came with his Van and parked just in front of us.

UAUH!!!! What was this car? I didn`t wait a minute to came in. I remember this moment like it was yesterday.

I just fell in Love with it, and I remember I thought: “I want this”.

There was everything you could need but nothing else, and everything had its place. When we left in our car I couldn’t stop talking and thinking about it, well I better say:

“Dreaming about how it would be traveling with a Camper. The feeling I had, that traveling with a camper van was freedom, stayed with me for some days”.


sigues lliure, sentet lliure, viu amb llibertat

photo by: desmotivaciones.es

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Going out with our Camper Van and our Road Bike. We want to get to some of the mythical Tour de France’s Ports

Riding my road bike is one of my favourite sports. Load the bikes in the VW Camper Van and start the trip. This time we want to ride some of the mythical Ports of the French Pyrenees. It is August, but when we arrive to France the weather isn’t good. It’s ok, we know in this part of the world, it’s not usually hot in August and that’s good for us.   After a few hours travelling our bodies are a bit stiff, we want to do something, but we can’t find out what.

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