Roadstar 600 L Revolution


Is it possible to have the height of the bed adjustable of the ROASCRUISER Revolution in a Pössl of 5.99m? Yes, it is possible, and the ROADSTAR 600 L revolution is the proof. There is more storage space under the rear bed electrically adjustable in height. In addition, optionally, another double bed can be added.

It also includes:
Softlock a silent and comfortable closing by the sliding door- You will be a good neighbor!
Folding sink in the bathroom to gain space.
Electrically adjustable height bed for greater flexibility.

Technical data
Length (approx.) 5.998 mm
Width (approx.) 2,050 mm
Height (approx.) 2,830 mm
Wheelbase (approx.) 4,035 mm
Internal height (approx.) 2,130 mm

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