We are going to talk about ski and camper vans. Topics of interest such as places to go, places to park, where spend the night, where to eat, etc.

Ski and sleep on the slopes?

To which 10 Catalan and 4 Andorran ski resorts can we stay to spend the night, if we go with our Camper Van?.

ski and sleep

Be carefull with the snow when you wake up

When we go to the snow with our camper van, we never know where we can spend the night. It’s one of the great questions. Can we stay in the parking lot all night?. Will we find services for the Camper?. Will they do us out?. I do not talk about whether or not we have the right to do so,  this is another issue.
It has happened to me and that is why I have decided to call the 10 Catalan ski resorts and the 4 Andorranes and ask for it. Here is the answers:

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