Rent a Camper? 4 Important decisions you have to make before

Do you want to rent a Camper?



The holidays come, and you are tired of everything being booked wherever you go. Every summer you have to stay in places you’d rather leave even though you’ve just arrived. And leave this village where you’d stay more days.

But this year this is over.

You decide to rent a Camper Van.

It’s your first time. You want more freedom and you don’t dwell on it any longer. You announce it at home and you get on with it!

WAW, what an adventure!!!

You have a friend who talks wonders about his escapades with the Camper Van and has passed the excitement on you. He’s spoken about the freedom of going anywhere you want and you think it’s fantastic.

First, you google “rent motorhome” or “rent caravan” and you find out that what you are looking for is a CAMPER.

Don’t worry, it isn’t unusual.

NO todos los vehículos con la casa encima son autocaravanas.

NOT every vehicle with a house on top is a motorhome. You learn, that what you want is a Camper van.

  • Because you want to bring the house, but you don’t want an enormous vehicle.
  • Because you want to go everywhere and decide either to stop or carry on.
  • Because you want the freedom of staying in ant city, village or lost valley and not think about bookings.

You want a vehicle the size of a car and a comfortable house on top.

In conclusion, you want a vacation for what your body needs, to stop or to go on, city or village, seaside or mountain. Whatever you want.

So, you google: “rent Camper”. There are several options, and you click on different pages to compare: price, vehicle, etc. Bff, what a mess!!

Calm down, don’t give up!

There are 4 great decisions you have to make if you want your holiday to be as you dreamed.

Think about it before deciding. You’ll choose the best vehicle for you.

    • Size of the Camper:

    How many people are coming? It is different if you travel with your significant other. If you bring kids or you want to travel with some friend (that, by the way, you’ll need to have a good relationship with. Even if when you travel with a Camper you spend a lot of time outside, the space is what it is…. Be sure you’ll be okay).


    To decide whether or not you want a bathroom, you’ll also have to consider where you are going.

    If you like to visit cities, maybe it is better to have a van with bathroom, because it is more difficult in the city. Even though there’s always the option of befriending someone and using their bathroom, a bar, shopping centres….. ????

    If you like going to the mountains and don’t even want to step onto the asphalt. You can sacrifice it. With an exterior shower and a wood to take care of your needs, everything is solved.

    BUT, it is important to bring a small pick to dig a hole and a bag to keep the paper you soil. We do NOT leave it on the floor, as you’ll later find it everywhere and nobody likes that.

    Still, there are people who cannot go on without a bathroom and there are others who don’t even want to talk about it just so they don’t have to empty it.

    Decide whatever suits you best, and you’ll have another element to define the Camper that you need.

    Once you’ve decided the number of people, you’ll need to think if you prefer to drive a bigger Camper and have a bathroom, or if you’re one to think that the outsides are big enough.


Rigid roof vs raising roof

    • Rigid or raising

    Even if a rigid roof can seem imposing at first glance, believe me, it is much more comfortable.

    Know that, if you have a rigid roof, you’ll be able to stand all the time during your stops.

    If you choose a Camper with a rising roof, you won’t be able to be bothered to rise it every time you stop, and you’ll end up cooking and doing other chores while crouching. Your back won’t forget this trip.

    But this is very personal. It is true that a van with a rising roof is more versatile.


    To me, in the beginning, the rigid roof seemed something huge, but now I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have already suffered the back pain of not wanting to rise the roof.

    You have to look out for bridges and parking, though.

    If you have to go through a city and you think you are going to have to park in underground parkings more than once, don’t even think about it, the rigid roof van does not fit in there.

    But if you don’t, I would tell you that the rigid roof is one of the best inventions ever made.


    Bed above

    Bed in the back or above

    • Another of your options is choosing where the bed is.

    Do you want it fix in the back, or do you prefer to have it tucked away above, and get it out for sleeping? If you have it on the back, you’ll always be able to lie down when you’re tired or want a nap.

    A bed above is harder to get out just for a while, and you end up anywhere. In this case, a hammock is an ideal tool.

    If you have kids, having beds in the back is good. They love to have their space and they stay there to get out of the way when it’s time to prepare a meal.

    In a Camper each movement requires organization. And without noticing everyone learns that there are moments when one has to be in their place.

    Above beds take less space. If you are with your partner, a bed above allows you to drive a smaller and easier to handle car.

    I’ve tried both options, and I love the bed in the back, as it is so easy to use. But I admit that having a bed above allows you a smaller vehicle, and a better use of space. With kids though, it is wonderful to have the beds already put together.


    With kids though, it is wonderful to have the beds already put together.

    And you’ll surely find out a thousand other things

    And if you repeat the experience, you’ll notice other details you hadn’t even thought of on your first trip: storage space, kitchen, motor power….

    But, above all, do not forget the awning, table and garden chairs. When you travel in a Camper, any corner is your garden. The house does not end at the four walls of the van, the world is your home.

    And to you? What is the most important thing? Do you want to share?

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