Camper Van and rock climbing, what else?

We want to know a new rock climbing place. We spent 3 days enjoying climbing routes with a sport character but with several lengths, in a wonderful environment.


camper van and rock climbing

Sleeping in front of the wall.

We have known for some time, that there is a “pleasure climbing area” close to RIGLOS. Some friends have told us, and we are looking forward to go with our Camper Van. We want to go with our camper van. Our Westfalia Club Jocker has all the advantages of a motorhome but in a smaller vehicle and therefore much more agile to reach hard to reach places. We want to spent some days and try some of  this climbing sport routes  with several lengths.


Sometimes we like to relax climbing.

We know is an area with some equipped and affordable climbing grade routes,.

In October we have some days, so we decided to take our camper van and drive to Peña Rueba.


From home we have 3h driving by good road, we are used to come and go to find new places and climbing areas. The walls are between Murillo de Gállego and Agüero in Zaragoza


It’s night when we arrive to Murillo de Gallego where we must take the track, which is in good condition except when it rains. So be carefully with the weather.

The first night we park next to a water pools, there is no one else at this place and we can enjoyed this loneliness that we love. Our wheels house gives us this freedom. We know we are very lucky.

camper van and rock climbing

Riglos. WAW

Where to park:

the rest of the nights we can park our camper van in front of the path that takes us to the wall, there is a small parking big enough to stay, put our outside table and enjoy the surrounding. That’s a real luxury.

We like to have a quiet breakfast, set the table, have one or two coffees, toasts, fruit and everything else. Therefore, we take it easy and enjoy one different garden every time we go out with our camper van. Waking up in the morning looking the route we decided to climb.

At dinner time let’s review what we have done, looking the route and discuss everything.  Before we go to bed, think about what we will do tomorrow.  We have an advantage and that’s that we are always close to the climbing route.


Although we generally have good weather, there is a day that rains and we have to look for alternatives. We wake up  late and take advantage of it to go to lunch.

We don’t know any place in this area so we look in Tryp Advisor and we decide to go to Ayerbe to the restaurant “Callejon de Belchite “Callejon de Belchite”Ayerbe,  al “Callejón de Belchite”  

It is well located, and we like some of the things people says at the Tryp Advisors’s page: “I was with my climbing team. It was a morning of Riglos and adrenaline. We ordered salads and steaks to share. The desserts as hell is this man prepares!!! (Luis S.)

The desserts are so good, especially chocolate mousse.


camper van and rock climbing

Van life, an easy way of life.

The rainy day we take advantage to go to see the mythical wall of RIGLOS that impresses me by its majesty and that’s why I like the idea of reaching the top climbing. We write it as pending for the next time. The townEl poble, adapting perfectly to the ground and rock formations, it is also worth visiting.

The rest of the days we take advantage of them and we climb one route every day, although if you go with much desire you can do two in a day. Perhaps, the only inconvenient is that you must go down twice and that you must wake up earlier than we do.

The place is very quiet, although some people says us that during weekends there is much people, we spend the week almost alone. During the day we find some local climbers, but that’s ok so we can talk about the routes, the descent and collect information.

The approach to the wall

Is very easy, a path takes you to the wall and once there the name of most of the routs are written on the wall. The descent is also easy, it goes through a ferrata that it takes you directly at the beginning. Be careful with some loose rocks.

In this link I show you, you can find some of the routes, but not the new ones. http://www.todoescalada.net/rueba.htm

We did:

The routes between 200 and 300m (although there are longer and Shorter ones) of PEÑA RUEBA would define them as climbing tracks of several lengths.

To spend some climbing days without suffering, enjoying a friendly environment that is worth knowing.

I have to say that we find in some cases there is an excess of insurances.But to start on the long road without fear of losing is a fine place.


If you like this kind of climbing I give you this link of Xavier Larretxea guide where you will find a pleasure roads,   “ESCALADA EN EL PIRINEO NORTE”

In  next posts we will explain some things we have done following the guide.

See you soon!

Have you been there? Or, do you know any place like this one? Just let us know.

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