Westfalia and VW keep on surprising us with a new Camper Van

Here you have the new Camper Sven Hedin. A Volkswagen van with Westfalia equipment.

Are you one to still remember the T2 or T3? Do you think that the camperizations by Westfalia are quality-guaranteed?

Then, you’ll surely love the new take on the Camperized Crafter by Westfalia: the new SVEN HEDIN

More than 50 years on VW+Westfalia

It was with VolksWagen that Westfalia started Camperizing. And it’s been a long time since they started working together

In 1951 the first mythical T1 appeared, camperized by Westfalia with detachable table and kitchen.

In 1977, the first Sven Hedin breaks into the market.

In 2016 Volkswagen starts to make its own Crafter. In 2017 it gets chosen best van of the year.

In 2018 the new Sven Hedin appears in the market.

And this joint work has carried on until today. There are surely models you prefer over others. But, you know, a camperized van by Westfalia will always have something special about it.

(photo by. https://goo.gl/52LGGW)


Westfalia i VolksWagen

SVEN HEDIN 40 anys rodant

Not having to depend on hotels, not having to think beforehand about your destinations, where you will stay.
Simply: fill the fridge, get the bikes on, pack the trekking shoes, your trainers, your camera, the travel guide, and….

GO :)…. go wherever your body guides you.



Some novelties that you’ll surely like as much as I do:


1- You sit in the living room and if you are in the passenger’s seat, you can’t reach the table? You end up with your plate in your lap.

  • This time, the líving room table has two parts: a fix and a spinning one. So you can all reach the table comfortably.

2- Do you want to bring the food and kitchenware that you need? Do you prefer not to have to worry about groceries everyday, and for that you like to have enough storage space?

  • In the kitchen there are drawers where you can store all the kitchenware.

3- You go buy groceries and then you can’t fit everything in the fridge. You want cold drinks but there isn’t enough space for everything. Do you like to come home and grab a cold beer?

  • Th Sven Heding’s fridge is located at the kitchen’s side. It is accesible from the outside. You can just arrive and immediately grab a drink. It is divided in two drawers that help you organize what you store here, and keep everything cold.

4- You want to cook, but you also want to enjoy the day outside. You don’t want to lock yourself in the van.

  • Open the side door and it seems as if you have brought the kitchen outside.

5- Where will you keep everything you want to bring? Clothes, books, travel guides, shoes, jackets,…. A ton of stuff. And you know that in the van, everything needs to be in its place.

  • There are closets in the back of the bed that will allow you to keep everything tidy.

And I also know that:

6- Showertime is an important moment.

  • In the Sven Hedin, you’ll have everything you’ll need at the reach of your hand when you shower. You have shelfs to leave the soap, creams and anything you need.
  • You’ll be able yo shower wthout worrying about splashing. Instead of a shower curtain you have a door, with special sealing so not even a waterdrop escapes.

7- It is difficult to lay down completely when you are in bed. You like to sleep well and comfortably.

  • The Sven Hedin’s bed has an extendable part, if you need it. You only need to push a button and the bed will make itself longer. Now, you’ll be able to spread yourself and sleep.

8-  You know that Westfalia is very attentive to the details, and as always you’ll find:

  • The compressor fridge, that makes sure everything you keep there will be fresh whether or not you are driving.
  • The water heating system, that if you go out in winter, will make you feel like you are at home. Forget the warm air.

In conclusion, all the perks of a motor home in a camperized van. That is Westfalia’s.

If you want to know more, click the button.

Do you like it? Have you tried it? Will you tell us?

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