Take a family trip with a Camper. Dexter or Family Van?

Camper and family?


Today we’re going to compare two Camper models built thinking of you.

  • You’ve always had a Camper, but now the family has grown.
  • You are going on vacation with the kids.
  • You like to invite friends to the van.
  • You want to park anywhere
  • You like to sleep where you go
  • Now you want a bathroom and kitchenYou need space for everybody and everything


  • It is difficult for you to change to a motor home.
  • You don’t want to drive a big vehicle that limits travel and destination options.
  • You don’t want to be concerned about parking in big cities.

It seems that you ask for the IMPOSSIBLE, but sometimes……

the impossible is at your fingertips.

Have you considered the 5-seat Campers to be an option for you?

Furgo per a 5

Family Van

Furgoneta camper per a 5 persones

Dexter 555








Karman’s Dexter 555 vs Dreamer’s Family Van

Dexter 555

Beds (6 people):

  • Double bed
  • Double bed above, that you can lower with an electric engine.
  • Double bed with the passengers’ seats, very comfortable


  • If you want the kids to have their own space, you can transform the back bed in a couch where they can sit while you cook.
  • You and as many people as you want can eat round the dining table.
  • If you want to eat outside, you can bring the table outside and leave it near the kitchen on the outside. You can also turn on the LED lights above. You will have all the commodities of a terrace, and it won’t be necessary to bring an extra table.


  • In the back, under the double bed, there’s enough space for everything you need.
  • Others:
  • You won’t have to shrink while showering, you can move the WC and the sink and win lots of space.
  • If what you want is to shower outside, you only have to bring the shower head out through the bathroom door. Very comfortable and practical when it’s hot.
  • The 4 skylights provide great light for the van. Be careful and don’t leave them open while driving!!!

I want to know more

Dreamer’s FAMILY VAN


  • Every child will be able to pick their bed in the back, where there are two bunk beds. They will each have their own space to leave their stuff.
  • Double bed above.
  • Double bed with the passengers’ seats.


  • The líving room is very comfortable, as it has an L-shaped seat. Almost like home!
  • Do you like to get up early or go to sleep later than your partner? Or are you the one to sleep while the other gets up? With the Family Van you can be in the líving room drinking the first coffee or last wine glass, while the other sleeps above. Even with the bed out you will be able to be in the leaving room and enjoy the silence while others sleep. Or, if you prefer it, stay sleeping while you enjoy the smell of coffee.


  • You can take the bunk beds, or leave just one, to gain storage space for everything that you need.


  • Do you like to bring fresh food and produce for a few days? Do you despise having to buy groceries while on vacation? With the Family Van’s fridge you’ll be able to bring lots of food, just like home.
  • You’ll gain space with the bathroom’s sliding door.
  • And if you like to shower outside, but need hot water, no problem! There’s an exterior, hot-water shower.

Go to the pictures

But the best about both CamperVans is that it can take you and your family ON VACATION 🙂

Do you want to tell us which one would you like and why??

Tell us where you go with the van and the kids, we like to share ideas and locations!!!

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